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Preventive Dryer Fire Maintenance

We also offer preventive dryer fire maintenance. We will clean the area inside around your dryer around the lint trap and clean out your dryer vent duct and the dryer vent outside as well. We can take the body of the dryer apart and clean inside around the electric heater element. The area inside is usually where the air exits the back on the dryer back wall, which accumulates lint and can cause a fire, with a second possibility for fully dried clothes to catch fire too. Cleaning this area is difficult and usually overlooked.

We can also replace unsafe plastic/vinyl or a soft aluminum dryer duct, with a ridged dryer duct, that is safer and is not as flammable as the plastic/vinyl or soft aluminum materials are. All national and local building codes now require metal ductwork for clothes dryers. Only ducts listed as UL 2158A should be used to vent your clothes dryer.

See this link here on dryer fires and prevention, “Facts about home clothes dryer fires” via United States Fire Administration, and “Home fires involving clothes dryers and washing machines,” via National Fire Protection Administration. Contact us today for all your dryer fire prevention needs.